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We are ready to assist in optimizing your website located in Singapore for better discoverability on Google. Website optimization not only improves website rankings but also attracts target market visitors, increases conversions, and strengthens sales. We possess the experience and top-notch techniques for optimizing website SEO. Entrust your business website to us to achieve optimal results.

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The issues your website may face

Your website is currently experiencing a low volume of Google-driven traffic.

Your business website has been live for quite some time, visitor numbers remain stagnant.

You may be unaware of the number of visitors and potential customers who have previously accessed your website.

Despite attempting self-optimization by following tutorials, the results achieved have not been significant.

Your business website is encountering slow loading times and exhibits a sluggish performance upon access.

Considering your primary focus on business development, your time for website optimization is limited.

The solutions offered by Archon SEO Services

Performing a website evaluation to pinpoint areas for enhancement on your site.

Boosting the number of relevant visitors to your website’s pages.

Enhancing brand awareness across all dimensions to make it more recognizable and discoverable.

Strategically optimizing high-potential keywords and broadening the range of indexed keywords recognized by Google.

Implementing page speed optimization for your website and addressing other technical issues that may exist.

We can assist in optimizing your business website to reach the market you desire.

SEO Services Singapore at Archon


Generating traffic and increasing sales


Beat your competitors

To foster business expansion and achieve rapid growth in Singapore, the most effective strategy to implement is SEO. Currently, there are nearly 1.5 billion websites, making competition on Google highly competitive. If your website doesn’t appear on Google, your competitors will take the lead. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your website’s visibility on Google with the right SEO services strategy from Archon.

SEO Optimization

According to BrightEdge’s study findings, 51 percent of total website visits originate from organic searches (SEO), while 10 percent come from paid advertisements (ADS), 5 percent from social media, and 34 percent from other sources. Therefore, SEO optimization can provide significant benefits for your business website. By improving organic search rankings, your website will be more easily discoverable by potential customers.


Improving your website’s ranking on Google.


More website visitors.


More customers.


Increasing brand awareness.


More sales.


More exposure.

Why Choose Archon’s SEO Services in Singapore?

At Archon, we firmly believe that website SEO optimization is a key to success in digital marketing in Singapore. By implementing the right SEO techniques, your website can attract more relevant visitors from your target market, increasing the chances of converting them into loyal customers. Therefore, we’re dedicated to crafting customized SEO strategies for each of our business clients, enabling your website to improve its Google search rankings and become more discoverable by the right audience. With our SEO  strategy and techniques, your business can thrive and compete more effectively with your competitors.

Learn what Archon does in optimizing your Website SEO

Website Speed Optimization

At present, a slow-loading website can have adverse effects on SEO. Without prompt optimization, your website may face challenges in achieving first-page rankings on Google, potentially negatively impacting the growth of your online business.


High-Quality Content

High-quality content can enhance website relevance, retain the right audience, and aid in the optimization of relevant keywords to improve search engine rankings. With engaging and informative content, your website will become more appealing to visitors and enhance the online reputation of your business.

Competitor Research

Conducting competitor research in SEO services is crucial to gain insights into trends and strategies employed by competitors to enhance visibility on search engines. With this knowledge, we can adapt more effective strategies to strengthen client’s website position in the market.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a critical stage in SEO as it helps identify relevant and popular keywords to be applied in website optimization on search engines like Google. This process can enhance website visibility and make it easier to connect with the right audience.

Brand dan Link Building

Brand and Link Building are two critical components of SEO. Branding contributes to shaping the website’s image and reputation, simplifying audience recognition. On the other hand, Link Building plays a crucial role in elevating the website’s search engine ranking through high-quality inbound links from other reputable websites. These elements collaborate to amplify the website’s visibility and overall effectiveness.

On-Page SEO Optimization

On-Page SEO optimization is a key factor in the success of a website on search engines. Through this optimization, a website can enhance elements such as page structure, content, and meta tags to make them more discoverable and comprehensible by search engines. Consequently, the website’s ranking and visibility will improve, helping it compete in an increasingly competitive market.


SEO Service Packages

In today’s highly competitive landscape, SEO Services can be the solution for businesses to improve their rankings on search engines and enhance online visibility. To achieve high rankings on search engines, it’s crucial to utilize SEO Services tailored to your business’s needs and customers. We offer specific SEO Service packages, employing the latest effective techniques and methodologies, to help your website appear higher in search results and boost overall online traffic, conversions, and digital marketing efforts.

Confused about choosing the right SEO package for you?

Terms of SEO Service

  • In the price table provided, the numbers listed are estimates and should not be considered absolute benchmarks, as they can be influenced by competition and the desired keyword targets.
  • We cannot provide any refunds for payments received, in accordance with the procedures and terms agreed upon by the advertiser.
  • In handling SEO (Search Engine Optimization) projects, our professional team always employs optimization with the latest algorithms from Google, aimed at helping maximize your business.
  • This service is only provided for websites that are already active or have been around for approximately 1 month.
  • To maximize SEO optimization performance, we require access to your website’s Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • If your website is not yet integrated with the Search Console and Google Analytics tools, our team will install them first and collect data for 2 weeks before commencing the optimization process.
  • If your website doesn’t use WordPress, we will need to collaborate with your website’s admin or webmaster to facilitate the optimization process and achieve the best possible results.
  • We will provide the report within 1 month after completing the optimization.
  • The cost of SEO services is calculated per package with contract periods of 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months, and must be paid in 2 installments for the 6-month and 12-month packages. For the monthly package, payment is made in full upfront.

Archon SEO Services

Grow your revenue awesomely fast and build a powerful brand with our SEO strategy 

With an effective SEO strategy, your website will take the lead amidst today’s tough competition. We skillfully combine White-hat SEO strategies to acquire high-quality backlinks, attract target market visitors, and boost sales.

What can you gain from SEO Services at Archon?


Audience and Market Analysis


Competitor Analysis


Keyword Analysis


Keyword Position Tracking


Site Audit


Fixed On-page SEO Issues


Optimize Tracking with Google Tag Manager


Increasing brand awareness.


Monthly SEO Planning


Monthly Article


Best Cornerstone Content


Internal Link Optimization


Seeking Backlink from Competitor


A backlink from High Authority Website


Disavow Low Quality Backlinks


A backlink from High Authority Website


1 Hours SEO Consultation Session

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique used to enhance the quality and quantity of organic (unpaid) traffic to a website through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. SEO encompasses a series of techniques designed to make your website more easily discoverable and accessible by search engines.

How does SEO work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works by optimizing a website to make it easily discoverable by search engines like Google. This optimization process includes improvements to the website’s structure, content, and other technical aspects.

Why is SEO important to do?

SEO is crucial to implement because its techniques help improve the visibility and ranking of a website in search engines, making it easier for potential visitors to find and enhancing the quality of traffic to the website.

By conducting SEO, you can increase the chances of attracting more visitors to your website, expand the reach of your online business, and improve conversion rates and ROI.

What techniques does Archon use?

We use white-hat SEO techniques and principles allowed by Google.

How many keywords are optimized?

The optimized keywords will be customized according to the package you choose. For instance, if you opt for the Standard package, we will optimize ten main keywords (both short-tail and long-tail keywords) for your website. We will assist in evaluating and selecting keywords that align with your needs.

However, the final decision on which keywords to optimize remains in your hands, whether you choose from our recommendations or use keywords you’ve determined previously.

What is the process of SEO Services at Archon?

We offer monthly SEO service packages. If the targeted SEO keywords have high competition, the time required to achieve optimal results may extend beyond 16 months.

However, we provide flexibility to adjust the required time according to your needs. You can also consult directly with our team before choosing a package that suits your requirements.

Which SEO tools are used by Archon?

With the assistance of skilled and experienced SEO experts, we employ various professional tools for keyword analysis, including Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, and other relevant tools.

Our keyword research process is based on standard procedures, and we create a structured keyword mapping to ensure that your website is optimized effectively.

How long does it take for a website to appear on the first page of Google?

Several factors influence the estimated time required for your website to reach page 1 on Google. These factors include the difficulty level of the keywords you are targeting, the level of competition with your competitors, and the current SEO condition of your website. However, in general, you can expect to start seeing SEO optimization results between 6 to 12 months.

I want to be on the first page quickly, is that possible?

In principle, achieving organic first-page website rankings takes the time required for effective SEO optimization.

If you want to reach the first page quickly, another option to consider is advertising on Google, which, of course, comes with a significant cost to maintain continuous advertising on Google.

After a few months, I want to change my SEO package, is that possible?

Of course, package upgrades can be done because we have designed our SEO service packages to be as flexible as possible to meet your website’s SEO needs.

Is SEO Services at Archon guaranteed?

We offer a guarantee to each of our clients; if there is no improvement within 12 months, Archon will provide free optimization for the following 1-12 months, according to the package you have chosen.

Can the guarantee be forfeited?

Before making changes to the SEO contract with us, it’s advisable to consult with us first. Please note that our guarantee does not apply in the following conditions:

  1. Your website’s server frequently experiences downtime that affects its performance.
  2. The website becomes inaccessible for more than one week.
  3. The website is affected by malware or spam.
  4. Recommendations for improvements provided by us cannot be implemented by the client.
  5. You perform SEO optimization yourself or conduct optimization outside of what our team has done.
  6. The website is affected by bot traffic.
  7. You make changes or restore the website, causing the optimization settings we have implemented to disappear.
  8. You delay or stop payments while the SEO contract is still active.

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