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SEO Terms of Service & Guarantee

Here are the Terms and Conditions of our Traffic Guarantee SEO to prevent communication errors and provide optimal results from the optimization process.

1. Clients must provide admin access to the website or website's CPanel for the purpose of optimizing website pages.

2. Clients must provide access to Google Analytics or other website tracking tools that we will use to evaluate the traffic of the website we are optimizing.

3. If your website doesn't have Google Analytics installed, we will assist in creating the Google Analytics script and setting it up on the client's website, or it can be assisted by the client's internal team.

4. We will send monthly SEO performance reports starting from the second month of SEO optimization.

5. The SEO reports we provide will include Google ranking data, website traffic, and recommendations to improve SEO performance.

6. The keywords we provide are the result of our research based on difficulty level, search volume, and website conditions.

7. Clients must adhere to the website recommendations we provide to streamline the optimization process and ensure optimal results. There are several factors that can hinder SEO optimization, such as:

a. The website is hacked/malware-infected.

b. Website server is unstable (server downtime several times a month).

c. Changing/deleting the SEO settings that we have applied on the website.

d. Updating the website (template/content pages) without coordinating with our team.

e. Not implementing or executing the recommendations we send.

f. The website encounters indexing issues.

g. Domain and hosting of the website encounter problems or have expired.

8. Clients must address issues on the website like points 7a, 7b, and 7f mentioned above. However, if the client is using Archon's web maintenance package, our team will assist in the repairs.

9. Our SEO guarantee does not apply if:

  1. The issues in point 7 persist and are not addressed within 2 months after we provide information.
  2. The client conducts SEO optimization independently, in addition to our team’s efforts. We recommend only one party to perform SEO optimization for maximum results.
  3. The client changes/deletes the SEO settings we have applied on the website within 2 months before the contract ends.
  4. The client does not implement the website recommendations we have provided.
  5. The client uses prohibited tools for SEO optimization, such as bot traffic tools or other bot tools.
  6. The client’s website is affected by malware, either on the server or within the website.
  7. The client changes the SEO settings we have applied without coordination or deletes our settings.
  8. The client does not provide approval and assistance in posting internal website articles.
  9. The client discontinues payment halfway through (only pays the first installment).
  10. The client does not make SEO payments on time.