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Web Design Services

Drive business and brand growth by using a professional website that can represent your business to the fullest and generate larger sales.

In today’s digital era, a professionally designed website is crucial for business success. This is because a website serves as the primary tool for reaching potential customers online and represents your business brand. Don’t hesitate to entrust the creation of your website to Archon. We will help you make the best first impression on potential customers!

website design services

Web Design Services

Introduce your business brand.

Your website should showcase its uniqueness and differentiate itself from others, always stay up-to-date, and be easily discoverable on Google. This is because your website serves as a crucial branding tool for your business. Trust Archon for your website design to produce a site that aligns with your vision.

Professional Website Design Services

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For companies, individuals, SMEs, hotels, resorts, wedding organizers, services, online stores, and other businesses. Affordable, Professional! Fast Website Design Process.

Why Choose Us?

Free TLD Domain

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Web Design Process at Archon.

Discuss your ideas with our professional team.


Choose a domain name and an example website design that suits your business needs.


Place an order and make the payment.

Start submitting content for your website.

Your website is now being developed by our team.

Web Design Examples

Best Website Design Templates


contoh web healthy


contoh web healthy


contoh website resort


contoh website resort


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Web Design Packages

Terms of Web Design Services

  • You can make a payment with a 50% down payment, and the remaining payment will be settled after the website creation process is completed.

  • The prices mentioned for website design services include domain name costs, hosting packages, and the creation of website pages.

  • The minimum time required for the website design process is 1 week. However, this timeframe can vary depending on the content materials, such as text or images, that need to be included or displayed on the website.

  • We use the WordPress CMS platform, which is very user-friendly in website design. This platform has many features that can be easily customized to your needs, as well as a dynamic and responsive website design that can be used by anyone, including beginners.

  • We provide a 6-month support period for all the packages we offer. If there are any errors or if the website’s functions are not working properly, you can contact us for assistance. However, additional charges may apply for issues that fall outside the scope of our support terms.


Archon Website Design Services

Get a high-performance website for your growing business

“In an effort to reach potential customers online, the right strategy is needed in creating a professionally designed website. An ideal website should always be updated, responsive, have fast loading times, and be search engine-friendly, such as Google.

Why should you create a website with Archon?


Responsive design on all devices (tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC)


SEO Friendly


Mobile Friendly


Pagespeed Optimization


Premium Design


Content Writing


Mobile Friendly


Monthly Article

What is a Website?

A website is a platform consisting of a collection of pages that help promote businesses more effectively online. With a website, the promotion of products, services, and brands can be done more easily and efficiently.

Why should you have a website?

In the midst of the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution era, having a website has become a necessity for business owners, regardless of the scale of the business, be it large, medium, or small. This is because the absence of a website in business can result in the loss of many opportunities, especially with the rapid technological advancements happening today.

Can my website be accessed flexibly, anytime and anywhere, not limited to access only through computers?

Certainly, that’s very possible. We provide websites with mobile-friendly themes, so your website can perform optimally on all types of devices.

How long does it take to create a website with Archon?

For certain types of websites, we can create your website within 30 days or less, but for full custom websites, we usually require 90 days for completion, depending on the number of modules to be used. We highly value our clients’ time. You can rely on the Archon website development team to design and build your website promptly.

Can you create a website that matches my preferences?

Of course, we can achieve that with the help of our in-house designers who are always ready to listen and bring all your brilliant ideas to life. Don’t hesitate to entrust the creation of your website to the Archon team!

How is the payment process for websites on Archon?

Payment will be made through a bank transfer system, which we will inform you of once you approve the website development project. Payment will be divided into two stages, with the first stage being 50% as a down payment, and the second stage with the remaining amount to be settled after the website is completed.

How is the payment for annually?

We will send a reminder for the annual renewal deadline, as well as provide the necessary payment instructions.

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